K3 at Pinewood Christian Academy

Pinewood Christian Academy is pleased to introduce a K3 program.  The K3 program will follow the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum which is broken down into 36 weeks.  The program contains many objectives which will strengthen the student's foundation as they migrate on their path toward graduation.   The K3 program is guided as is the rest of the school by the GAC, SACS and the board of governors of Pinewood.

We welcome students that turn three before August 1 and that are potty trained.  Per state guidelines a child must be four years old to ride the bus.  Uniforms are not required for students in the K3 program.  Our students enjoy a full day of school that includes lunch, nap and recess time. 

The children will:

Our goals also include teaching the children:

Strategically the K3 Program exists as a separate entity of the school, maintaining their activities to within two adjoining classrooms, music room and lower school gymnasium.  The main classroom is the hub of the daily activities and academic learning.  The second classroom serves as a multipurpose room for total group activities as well as being utilized as our lunchroom.  A choice of hot or cold lunch is provided each day for the students.  Children attend music class once a week and have structured P.E. classes four afternoons a week.  The classroom is equipped with a computer and many software packages.  Students are instructed one on one with the computer each week. The daily schedule includes times for rest, outdoor play, center time and each day begins with devotion time.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please contact Ginger Payne, Admissions Director, to begin the application process.  If you have specific questions about the program, staffing, curriculum, etc. you may contact our main office at (912) 739-1272. Back to Admissions